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And I know what you are thinking...... but no I am NOT making fun of his hair. My point is, his hair ALWAYS looks AMAZING!
Next....... Red!
Anyone ever come across this? Same pic different hair...
Browns and Black
Hehe! I figured out a way to get Kyungsoo in here even though it's not about him. By the way Suhunnie is not my EXO bias or even in my EXO top 3. The 막내 (maknae) just had AMAZING hair. LOL ! No matter what color it is, it's gorgeous. So what is YOUR favorite Sehun hair color?
Sehunnie´s hair is brighter than my future haha. But my favorites are the rainbow hair and the white hair. But it really doesn´t matter to me. He´ll always look damn good to me. And yeah, he´s obviously my bias for EXO. Hahah.
I totally caught D.o!!! Hahaha!! I really love his blonde hair and rainbow hair!!
@SehunArmy You're life is still bright, but you have a point.... Sehun's hair is no joke. It shines sooo bright. (Brighter than SHINee?) Sorry, saw the word shine and thought of SHINee. But SHINee does shine bright too.... Where am I going with this? I have no clue. Anyway, I've always loved the brown hair on my Asian idols, so I'm gonna have to say that the brown looks really good on Sehun. (Though he looks good with any color hair because he's Sehun.)
sehun with his gorgeous hair is life 💝💝💝💝💝💝
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