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So....this is long overdue lol. Sorry @B1A4BTS5ever but its better late than never right? *nervous laugh* Let's just get on with it...
I first met Jin when my friend asked me if I wanted to try some new music. I was bored that day and thought why not. So he sent me a link to this song by a band named BTS called DOPE. My first impressions were really good and the boys were really cute but one of them stood out to me the most. It was the cute little doctor with the angelic voice. I went to the Internet and found out his name.
Jin, The Pink Princess!! The adorable, caring mother of BTS.
That's so majestic and hot!! Lol I had to include that.
Who also has an extreme liking towards Mario which makes him even cuter!!!
Looks the cutest (and sexiest?XD) when he eats.

Well there you go!! I hope u all enjoyed!!!

And if you feel like seeing Jin and maybe the rest of BTS check out my BTS fanfiction sneak peek!! ∩_∩
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I love love love jin 💝💝💝👌 but I have to mention suga Lol the lazy bug in the dope GIF he is like why I am here Lol whatever I cant wait to go on my bed haha I love the lazy cutie suga 😜💝😂sorry had to mention it Lol but jin is my bias nd my bae💝💝💝💝💝
Not to take away from Jin at all, whom I love...this is a totally sexy post of him by the way.....but that first GIF of BTS in their officer uniforms all pumped up....and then there is Suga!!!! I am dying right now!!!!
@sherrysahar lol I guess I should have read the other comments...nice to know I'm not the only one.