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This card is in response to @RosePark's Twisted Thursday. Thanks for tagging me! I'm gonna choose Rintarou Okabe and Kurisu Makise from Steins;Gate.
So Dysfunctional I come from a dysfunctional family so these two just seem perfect for me. Although, there is the constant bickering, deep down they really do care for each other. In their own way, of course. Them being "mad scientists" and all.
He is....Hououin Kyouma!!! LOL! Rintarou has a lot of traits that would actually make him an excellent father. The first being his extraordinarily vivid imagination. Who wouldn't want to play make believe with him? The other being his profound loyalty to the people whom he considers an integral part of his Future Gadget Laboratory club.
You Pudding Thief! Kurisu Makise is the voice of reason. The mature one of this couple and always tries to keep Rintarou's paranoia in check. While showing herself as calm and professional, she does also possess a timid side. Rintarou seems to find pleasure in teasing her. Calling her Christina and accusing her of working for the "Organization" on numerous occasions.
What matters most is how they truly feel for each other. Even mad scientists on the constant lookout for the vile scheming of the Organization can find time to express their love for one another.
@DanRodriguez Will do next week T^T midterms this week *cries*
@RosePark LMAO! Right? Yeah, you need to watch this ASAP. It's really good!
Mad Science to create you! xD Good picks~ Also I really meed to watch this o.o its been on my waiting list for ages