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I can't stress enough. Okay so I was browsing on here and saw someone with the art above. Saying they did that. I know for a fact that's not ture. if you go on Google and type in anime drawings. it's right there.
there is no difference besides the light. i I am a anime artist, and manga artist in the works. so when I see someone taking someone's art it gets me vary mad. People please stop taking others art!!
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@lordeath666jp what challenge?
2 years ago·Reply
the one i just excepted lol, im gonna show off my skillz with ink
2 years ago·Reply
@lordeath666jp that's great!
2 years ago·Reply
hellz yeah, anywho i guess ill tag u in it as its gonna be on a private card if you want
2 years ago·Reply
awesome ^^
2 years ago·Reply