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D-Frag is a comedy about a high school game creation club.
The story line starts with the club needing a new member or they'll be shut down... and that member is forced into the club with the use of the club members "abilities."
The whole show is filled with incredibly hilarious scenarios.
and you just can't get enough of Roka.
Since they are the game creation club there's no shortage of game type references or well... game creation of some form or another.
It's not very long and any fans can only hope for more but it's a perfect weekend watch. So give it a try.
@CarlosG lol I was waiting for a little while. :)
@MaighdlinS Looks at your avatar first. How long were you waiting for this Mai lol. But srly, good anime i bought it a while back
I need more Rokka in my life T^T Little cuteness of darkness! Also the anime is too short...
@RosePark way too short!