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G-Dragon has the perfect smile. And the way he talks just takes any woman to dream land. But what i like the most is his way of fashion. His dresscode could be weird sometimes but he always looks good 😁
On point and very handsome. Even his hair style goes well
His favorite colors may be yellow and white ... But he deff knows how to mix and match different color, styles and even hairstyles.
I love him!! he looks good in anything he was just wearing a huge black hoodie and flannel shirt when I first saw him and he looked perfect and he seriously rocks any hairstyle my favorites are his new one , the orange and the curly hair
@marilovexoxo he is toooo perfect❤️😍😘
@falinebonilla you are the luckiest human ever!!!! and i bet!!! I always figured he had an amazing scent! he's perfect
@marilovexoxo i know for real. And girl ... I had a chance to hug him. Omg his scent!!!!!! Whoooooaaa sooo sexy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️