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I just bought my tickets to Block B in Chicago!! ^^ I'm so super excited!!!
When I heard Block B was gunna have a tour in the US I was super pumped!! I also LOVE BTS & BigBang but I wasn't able to go see either of them while they were in the US...
I did get to go to KCON though which was my very first concert so I saw all the groups there perform a little bit. Block B was there too and that's when I became their fan ^^
They are so awesome ^^ and I'm sooo glad I'm going to their concert in Chicago!! I bought 2nd Block tickets so I have a chance at getting all the hi touch, group photo, & some sign merch, but I'm a person with bad luck lol so I don't have high hopes, I'm just glad I get to see them perform a full length concert!! <3
I'm also super glad I got one if my friends into Block B so I'm going with her and its cuz of her I can go!! (I can't drive & we are 6 hours away from Chicago & she happens to have family by Chicago which saves us hotel & food money)
But I'm so excited!! ^^ I know not everyone in kpop Vingle fam is a fan of Block B, but I recommend looking into them. Their subgroup BASTARZ and their high energy/dorkiness is what caught my attention.
Is anyone else going to one of the Block B Concerts for their US Tour? <3
@KellyOConnor yay! congrats to you too then!! I was worried I wouldn't be able to get seats in the front of 2nd Block but I lucked out and did! <3 and you'll get Hi touch too so that's awesome!
Congrats on snagging your tickets! I'm going too! I got 1st block tickets before they sold out! I nearly died of happiness!!
I bought my Chicago ticket this morning. I was sad I couldn't see them at KCON so I was super happy when I heard they were coming to my hometown.
@katiems I know what you mean! there was a few mintues there where buying traffic was heavy and I was worried I'd lose mine but it pulled through in the end! I hope your luck turns and you win a pass!! 馃樀 I can't even process Hi touch yet.. omg.
That's amazing! Congrats!!