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BBCs there's still a lot of good seats left up for grabs for the Chicago concert if you're still undecided! We'd love for this to be as close to a sell-out as we can get for the guys if possible! So if you're gonna be in town for the concert Nov. 13th and want to go snag your tickets now! I've been in this venue before and all the seats are pretty good. I completely understand if you can't go/ are busy/ or just can't afford the tix right now! I'm not trying to pressure anyone into anything, that's not my style, and I know fan life is hard and we can't always go to everything we want. But the more shows the Midwest is able to sell WELL, the more other groups will see that there IS a market here and be more willing to have their shows here! And I know that's something we ALL want! So even if you can't go or just aren't interested in Block B, THANK YOU for reading this if you did!
I want to go so bad but Big bang sucked my bank account dry
@Marilovexoxo I know mine was barely recovered just enough to buy these ones. I've had to pick and choose which I really wanted to go-to as well before. I'll try and get some pics for eveyone who isn't able to go though!