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i was tagged by @Tigerlily84...thanks for the tag i love this song and actually its been awhile since i heard it but the other day it played on my ipod at work and ever since i had it suck in my head. love the melody, their voices, and the mv!!!
this song always puts me in a good mood...
this song is contagious and i can't get enough of it!!!
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@SHINee808 who is that? I don't usually listen to the girl groups but I like that. It's catchy!
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@Tigerlily84 i know right!! at first i saw it on the suggestions for me on youtube and i really dnt pay attention to them. but by accident i clicked it and i started listening to it and it was catchy to me as well. their names are Solar(Green), Moonbyul(Yellow), Weein(Orange) and Whasa(Pink). my favorite is Solar
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the song I can never get enough of it what is love by exo-k the greatest song ever
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