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You need to go fill out an application IMMEDIATELY!!!! They are only accepting 150 ppl to meet and party with BTS for Halloween. So hurry if you haven't done it!!!! If you don't get selected as a winner, you can join the fun on the V app.
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I applied!! I'm gonna be at my new job then but I'll tell them it's family emergency if I do win lol!!!
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....My mom would murder me.....STUPID AGE >://////
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I applied even though I have class that day lol but if I do win I WILL GO! And just make up the time that I missed.
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I'm so glad I have my passport and my boss loves me! I want to win sooooooooooo baaaaaaaaad TT~TT UUUUUUGH the struggle is reeeeeeaaaaal
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I just applied and I don't care that I have school that day I am going to this event if I win because this is a once in a life time chance that I will finally be able to dance with BTS like I've always wanted to
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