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Fairy Tail has a lot, I mean A LOT of big ships, and while I agree with most of them, there's two people I've been shipping since almost the beginning of the serious.
My crack ship is Natsu x Erza. Now I don't dislike Natsu x Lucy, but don't ship Erza and Jellal because I really do not like Jellal. I thought Jellal was a better character as a villain and every time he appears on screen now I'm just like "oh gawd". Now I've been shipping Natsu and Erza since the Tower of Heaven arc. I felt that was the first time we saw Natsu really express his feelings for someone. We've never seen Natsu so desperate to save someone. He went as far as to knock her out when he saw her cry because he didn't want to see that. Natsu was even able to pull Erza out of the magic space that she was stuck in. Also, in the battle of fairy tail arc when it was decided that Natsu would be the one to fight Laxus he told Erza to make sure she came back to him. In the Oracion Seis arc Natsu attacked the council dudes trying to take Jellal just because he knew it would make Erza sad. In the Tenrou Island arc when Erza was fighting against Azuma Natsu's voice was the one she heard to give her strength to keep fighting. And when they're holding hands in a circle as Acnolgia is attacking Natsu and Erza are holding hands. Also, Natsu got in the line for Erza when she was in her sexy nurse outfit. Lol
So that's my ship and some reasons why I ship them. Tell me if you agree and tell me about some of your more unusual ships!
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Hey everyone is entitled to their opinions
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I'd be the first one in that line
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@Mirandalechuga Yeah it's fun to discuss and debate those opinions those. And you'd have to fight me for the first place in line. Lol
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lmao *dead serious* bring it
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I will fight you all!! I love Jerza hate Natsu and Erza and love Nalu!! Whos ready too throw down????
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