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I didn't want to spend too much time bashing Lizzy in this video. Yes, she's super thin, but she might not really have a choice.
The pressure to stay thin is nothing new in the entertainment industry. I think what is new is that people (idols or otherwise) are bringing attention to the dangers of crash dieting and being too skinny. Videos of idols collapsing on stage (due to exhaustion or something more sinister) have been popping up for years now. Both Ailee and Secret's Hyosung were both praised and criticized for their dramatic new looks for their comebacks last year.
In spite of netizens from around the world speaking up, there are still idols struggling with keeping up with industry standards. The body positivity movement is just barely starting to rise up in South Korean (from what I've heard) so it seems like there's still a long way to go.
You can check out Orange Caramel's performance here.