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I was just watching a bunch of clips from Real Men and I was thinking that Henry doesn't get enough appreciation, so I decided to make a card with three reasons why you should love the fantastic (see what I did there?) Mr. Lau.
Reason #1: He's freaking hilarious If you've never seen Henry on a variety show, then you've been missing out. The guy is a freaking variety king! He and Jackson are definitely on a whole other level of variety. I've attached videos of what I think are some of his best comedic moments on the show, but basically every video on YouTube of real men (the ones that involve Henry) is hilarious.
Reason #2: He's a musical genius I believe he's classically trained in violin and has been playing the piano since he was young. He got to do a collaboration with Yiruma, which is something that I could only dream of being able to do.
Reason #3: He's Henry I couldn't come up with a specific reason simply because there's too many for me to pick from. What I like about him is that he always seems to be himself. He can come across as slightly idiotic and perverted but at least he's not hiding those sides of himself even though they're not exactly positive characteristics. I don't know what videos to post so I'll just put up some of my favorite videos of him. I ship Nana with Hong Jonghyun but that video of Henry and Nana on roommates was really cute (look at the way she looks at him!). Anyway, I just thought that Henry needed some more love on here. Can't wait until his next comeback.
I am so happy someone else posted about Henry! he is one idol that deserves more praise
omg i fell in love
@FabiolaGavina I agree. Henry definitely gets less praise than he deserves considering how talented he is.