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sesshomaru and kagome <3. please no hating um just sharing my otp from inuyasha. I am 24 and have been in love with this pairing since I was 12. who else it with me?
Btw non of these pics are mine but they are amazing and I love them. I have a file dedicated to these two and I collected I think over 2,000 pics over the years haha wouldn't be surprised if it was 3,000 haha. so much amazing fanart so little space for it haha.
I love this pairing
@StefaniTre thats awesome! They are the best pairing ever man <3 <3. you
😢 but sesshomaru is mine......enough said I like this pair as well better then kagura maybe rin but it's my opinion
@SantaraJones I already married him at 12 so my husband knows he's only husband number 2 haha