I don't know about you guys, but when I watch any action film, I'm always wondering about the impact these enormously destructive chases, confrontations, and battles have on the everyday citizens that get caught in the middle or the wake.
Even if no one gets hurt, there's always a lot of damage. Who pays for that? The taxpayers, most likely...unless Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark were involved, then maybe they'd flip the bill. Of course, some land, business, or building owners might have to pay for it themselves. That would really suck!
What if major utilities or infrastructure is taken out? How does that affect everyone's livelihoods? How does that affect commerce or healthcare or education? Forget snow days...let's have Armageddon recovery months! Or years...who needs an education anyway?! Right?!
Who fixes that? Definitely not the superheroes! City workers, construction crews, welders, plumbers...do they get any appreciation?! And imagine how they must feel when all their hard work is obliterated the very next week with the emergence of the next big baddies.
Sadly, though, it's hard to imagine every single citizen surviving such catastrophes as the ones that are portrayed for our entertainment. Do our heroes, after the battle is over, ever visit the funerals or memorials of those they couldn't save? Not just of the people they knew or kinda knew, but the average person that was minding their own business when an alien A-hole crashed into their office and dropped the next floor up on their head?
@BeannachtOraibh yeah! I feel like we saw him a few times and I always felt bad.... but I also laughed really hard XD
@InPlainSight If you ever do, just fortify the stand with cemented steel posts...that way, it does more damage to their vehicles than to your stand. LOL
@shannonl5 @BeannachtOraibh I feel like I would never own a fruit stand. It seems almost inevitable that at some point a car chase would mean that a cop car would go through it, if I lived in movie world.
@shannonl5 say that to hulk
I think about this sometimes too. I know it was a plot point in The Incredibles, but seriously! How much more annoying would saving the world be if you also had to worry about the clean-up?
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