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I published a picture of Kris Wu few days ago just because I liked it.
This picture got me into finding out more about him. I know now that he is a former EXO member and EXO-M leader and he has a law suit against S.M. Entertainment. reading about him I found out about his close relationship with Zitao another former member of EXO. So for what I understand this two were EXO special couple and they had a sad break up..
I was actually sad about this two as I was reading all these articles. Especially Zitao. When Kris decided to leave SM Entertainment aparently he was having health issues and left Korea he went to China. He was spotted in one of China's specialized hospitals for cardiovascular diseases but I am not sure what was his problem. So, meanwhile.. Zitao did not know anything about this. Zitao only knew that he left the company and that he wasn't coming back. Zitao was feeling very hurt about not knowing what was going on and that kris did not say anything to him and just left. Zitao went on to his social media and posted mean things about Kris. Kris did not reply anything to his provocative words.
I kind of understand Zitao and now I feel sorry for him. First of all he did and say what he said because he did not know what was going on until he experience it himself. After Kris, Luhan left SM Entertainment and suit them as well and finally couple of moths ago Zitao left.and suit them too. Now
Zitao was so so sorry about what he did that be has been crying his heart out asking forgiveness. Kris has still not reply to any of his words. I do feel sad about these two, because they really seemed to be very close to eachother and had to stop suddenly. MY personal opinion Kris did not mean to leave without saying anything but he did not have a choice at the moment. I am sure he was going to call him or something but Zitao was too fast for his emotions and acted without thinking, causing Kris not call him and feel despointed. Zitao was feeling betrayed and Kris desapointed. Well... this two will need healing they will need time..
All I would say to Zitao is ..Hang in there man. Kris needs time.. He will reach out when he is ready to come back to his friend Tao.
I just keep editing this card, I would really like for see them to get together and fix their misunderstandings. Looking at them reminds me of my favorite couple Mark and Jackson from GOT 7 hope something like this never happen to them.. I really wish Kris & Tao to reunite. ♡
ohhhh well thats sad. thank u
I feel bad. But I want to know: were they actually dating?
@AliciaRuiz..I can say they were very close friends...before kris left SM Entertainment and suit them.