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Hello, Vinglers! My first card! Not begging for hearts, but I am here to beseech you: Watch This Anime! The title: The Asterisk War!
In a dystopian future, the world was ravaged by some sort of interstellar event. This resulted in certain people developing extraordinary abilities, and these people are known as Genestella, our the Star Pulse Generation. But don't let me tell you everything; watch it for yourself!
New episode came to crunchyroll this morning around 0800 EST. Currently, there are three episodes available. I'm already hooked on my new Saturday morning cartoon! Best Wishes! -Veritan
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MaighdlinS, That's entirely your own decision, and I'm appreciative of your endeavor. Just trying to get this one out there, try and get that influence toward a second season early on.
2 years ago·Reply
It is good. @MaighdlinS. Mai after you do, and you def need to watch one piece, give this a try it good so far
2 years ago·Reply
@CarlosG yeah I watched the first part of an episode before I had to go. It's on my to watch soon list now.
2 years ago·Reply
i still need to watch 1 piece naruto and pretty much everything else you guys/gals talk about
2 years ago·Reply
This looks really cool I will definitely binge watch it if I can find it online to catch up.
2 years ago·Reply