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Its kind of a tie between Toshiro Hitsugaya and Killua Zoldyck. Toshiro was my first ever anime obsession, I mean I even have an action figure of him haha.
But then there is this adorable little brat that's just amazing and horrible at the same time. And also he's an assassin, that pretty much had me sold lol.
Lol so u have a thing for little white haired shorties! lol.... I love the both of them as well! 😉
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@BluBear07 I loved how you said that xD usually white hair characters are the best ones (not all the time) xD @ruhlihal I understand your struggle cx
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Killua is undoubtedly the best route to take ;).
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Killua,and Hitsugaya are some of my favorites as well. 😀
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