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I was so happy they had kpop merchandise! This made my day!! They even had a tent for exo-l USA! Which made me happy even more!!! Korean festival was just great! Today just a happy day! Even made a friend because she saw my tattoo of B.a.p and she a babe too! So we were instant friends!
I need to get more too
@StephersTaylor awwww sorry to hear that. helpfully you can go the next time they come to L.A
@StephersTaylor I wanted the shirt! I bought the same hat though! going to wear it when I got to see them at Club Nokia 馃槏
lol nvm I just saw your previous post. They had the same stuff but I didn't see the Block B shirt so I was sad 馃槩
wait just out of curiosity. You didn't happen to go to Korea Town at Seoul park when Mamamoo performed did you?
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