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This is a series where I pick two fictional characters list off there feats and abilities and decide on who I think would win based on the facts. Feel free to add what I leave off and comment on who you think would win.
Combatant one: Natsu A fire mage. Immune to fire damage. Can consume fire to get stronger and heal. Fought Laxus... twice. Fought Gildarts. Has defeated multiple S class wizards. Can mutate his body into dragon scales for more protection and damage. Most powerful form Lightning Flame Mode. Strongest attack Lightning Flame Roar capable of destroying small islands.
Combatant two: Luffy Consumer of the Gum Gum Fruit and is now made of rubber meaning he can stretch with his attacks. Immune to physical damage that is not from Haki. Possesses all three forms of haki: armaments, conquers, and observation. Armament is stronger than metal. Observation is a radar for better fighting. Conquers can knock out targets with weaker will. Skilled fighter. Has defeated multiple Warlords. Gear 2nd. Gear 3rd. Gear 4th.
WINNER: Luffy, I feel like he would win. Yes Natsu's Lightning Flame Roar is stronger than anything Luffy can use but, Luffy's speed and Gear 4 puts him over the edge. Luffy is fast, while Natsu has no type of combat speed. Luffy is also the better fighter, he taught himself to fight with the help of his brothers Sabo and Ace, Natsu is somewhat skilled but, all Luffy uses is his fists and is use to it. Luffy is also use to inhuman capabilities like mages because of the Devil Fruits he deals with on a daily, Luffy's also able to dish out massive damage and has also survived the brink of death. Honestly I was gonna do one of the two against Ichigo or Naruto because people keep saying oh Naruto vs Natsu would be good or Ichigo vs Luffy, honestly Ichigo or Naruto could beat either of them, their destructive capabilities are to much for Luffy or Natsu to take in. Honestly I like Natsu more than Luffy but, this series is my unbiased opinion and Luffy would win. Luffy vs Natsu is highly debatable and I wouldn't care who won, I'd just be blessed I got to see the fight cause this one would be one of the best no doubt!
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luffy is rubber, what does fire do to rubber? 馃槺
@KyleMelendrez man you gotta start tagging my name or else I want see you talking. Anyways luffys 3rd gear would probably put a hole in a dragon, and luffy can handle fire....he fought somebody with a fire ability that was strong enough to burn an island. And know one else beat a dragon because they're all to weak xP
@HappysaysAye haha, oops sorry about that, kinda forgot about the tagging thing 馃榿
natsu can use his flams to gain quicker speed and plus he at god slayer magic so he will son learn dragon good slayer magic plus he also in the manga natsu trains with giuldarts and becomes 100 times stronger then he was