Thank you, @shannonl5 for challenging me! My favorite character resurrection is the Sanderson sisters.
Three hundred years after their last reign of terror, the Sanderson sisters are resurrected when a boy foolishly attempts to disprove local legends of a curse.
Then, they just pick up where they left off...running amuck on the sleepy northern town.
Not everyone is caught up in their glamor spell, and their chaotic rampage is short-lived. But, it was fun while it lasted!
I challenge @XavierLopez @DanRodriguez @ChosenKnight @ChriSingularis @imTANNERthanU Tell me about a character you love that's come back from the dead. Don't forget to tag me if you make a card and to challenge 5 of your friends!
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Yasssssss!!! This movie is the reason I love Halloween with all the showing s they do of Hocus Pocus!!! "Booooooook"
Oh man...I've always loved Halloween, but this movie made Halloween my obsession! And I'm so excited that my husband and I won a dinner with Doug Jones....Billy Butcherson is my all-time favorite zombie!!!
OK, this is a cool card! I'll get started on mine! ^_^
@DanRodriguez Tag me! I wanna see! 馃槅
I LOVE THIS MOVIE. It's totally the season for it too ^_^