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Children Record is the "opening" song of

the Kagerou Project.

Jinzou Enemy (Artificial Enemy)

Mekakushi Code (Blindfold Code)

Kagerou Days (Heat-Haze Days)

(I put two versions because I like the second cover as well.)

Headphone Actor

Ene no Dennou Kikou

This song connects to "Headphone Actor"

Gunjo Rain

Souzou Forest

Marry no Kakuu Sekai (Marry's Fictional World)

Brave Boy / Shounen Brave

Kisaragi Attention

Song #8 - IA -Transparent Answer


Dead and Seek

Shinigami Record

Summertime Record

The song is the official ending and last song and PV of the project.
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I love all these songs!Kagerou Project is awesome!!
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