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Let's face it, Latin America has some amazing desserts. My personal favorite would be flan! If you aren't sure what exactly flan tastes like, it has a close resemblance to cheesecake. There are WAY more desserts in Latin America we should learn about. Here's a list of some of those desserts from South America.
Also, have you ever had dessert from South America?


This is dessert is both from Peru and Chile. They are made with squat and sweet potato. They are sort of like doughnuts, but better. They taste like spice cake -- yum! They are shaped into rings and they are a fried and served on top of syrup.


I wrote a card on this dessert not so long ago, here's the recipe. This dessert is from Brasil and it's very easy to make. The recipe calls for three main ingredients: unsweetened cocoa, sweetened condensed milk, and butter. That's it. After the chocolate balls are created, you may roll them in a delicious topping such as coconut shavings, nuts, or small candies.


Tawa Tawas are from Bolivia and they are sweet fritters. They are made into strips and fried up until golden on the outside. They are easy and fast to make, with less than 10 ingredients. And when they are done, they are sprinkled with sifted sugar! They are are typically made as a tradition on Three King's Day, but they are also eaten throughout the year.


This dessert has a main part to it: guava. Guava is a tropical fruit and it's peeled, chopped and boiled for a couple of hours to be made into a sweet treat. This dessert is usually served with a piece of white cheese and/or crackers. The savory and sweet parts of this dessert is coupled perfectly together. It's popular from Paraguay, but you can find this dessert in several Latin American countries.


These gorgeous things are from Colombian and they are soooo easy to make. And I've written down the recipe for all of you in this card. All you need are really ripe plantains and brown sugar syrup. It can be served alone or with white cheese.
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