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Well, since Halloween is getting near, I decided to do a Boy Group theme. This isn't really a "scary Halloween" theme but it's okay! To know which group you're going to have or spend Halloween with, simply screenshot the gif above! Comment down below your result or make your own card for your result! You can make an awesome story about your Halloween night with your kpop boy group result. Because I would like to know what you are going to do! JUST HAVE FUN WITH YOUR RESULT! 😁 I hope you all enjoyed this card? I wish everyone a safe Halloween! ☺️
My Result: I'll be spending my Halloween with MONSTAX! Yeah!!! I'm not mean or picky when it comes to Kpop groups because I LOVE THEM ALL the same! Short story: During Halloween night that I spent with these awesome oppas, we pulled a prank on Jooheon oppa because he's a scaredy cat! He went to use the bathroom and while he was doing his own business we hid from him. When he came out we were nowhere to be found, it was pure black outside. The only light that you could see was the bathroom light outside. He looked around for quite a bit staying under the light and I could see his scared emotions coming out. On the whisper of three we all jumped out at him. And of course the Jooheon oppa he is was scared! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‚β™₯️
B2st like I should
THIS CANT BE REAL hahaha I actually got VIXX!!! Who I wanted!!! hahahahah
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