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Sorry all haha I have add and I cant focus on one thing for long which explains most collections being incomplete -cough cough- autobio thing - cough cough- but I got the idea last night to work on a series Ive been wanting to for awhile. I call it love from a distance. Each story is about a person or couple whose at a bus stop or airport and they see another couple meet for the first time. They recall their own experiences some fondly some not so much. I did the first last night which Ill post now but if any of you have something you wanna see feel free to let me know. So far I have people who have lost love and who have kept it for years. The couples meeting will also be a mix of lesbian gay and straight to see that kind of love through someone elses' mind and I definitely have a good plan for one of those haha. So if any of you wanna throw something out there Im all ears. By the way I have no idea how many parts it will be it can be 2 or 40 I usually just go with it til i hit a wall. Thanks all
Great idea! I can't wait to read them. Please feel free to tag me whenever you post a new one!!
That sounds awesome @quietone, great idea for a series! Tag me too please :) and I really like the idea of writing from different perspectives, we need more representation out there :) you could also consider doing pansexual or trans! I'd love to read those perspectives :)