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Alot can go on in an airport including a joyful meeting that two people have been dreaming of a long time. Eugene and his wife of forty-three years, Barb were going on a little get away. They decided it would be nice for them to go somewhere new instead of just home every day. To anyone looking their way you can see their love even after all this time. Despite Eugene seeming to be the typical grumpy old man who hates everything that isnt baseball, he still smiled every time his wife looked at him. Barb loved spending any time with her husband, she saw a side of him no one else did. In their forty-three years together they'd gone through everything together it seemed. Children, grand kids, war, sickness, funerals, and romance of every caliber. Through the good and bad they only grow to love each other more each passing day. Just as they passed another gate looking for theirs a scream pierced the busy air. Almost in unison they looked back and saw a young couple embracing. This was the first time in their year relationship theyve met in person. The young couple were crying tears of joy happy to at long last be together like theyve dreamed. Barb looked up at her husband and smiled fondly at him. He scoffed some until he noticed her smiling then pulled her closer to him. A small smile spread on his lips when he looked at her as they both remembered the same two memories. They were the memories that tested their loved and showed that they were truly meant to be with each other. Back when Eugene had to go fight in the war and when he came back home. It was the 1950's in chicago when the newlywed couple was being torn apart. Barb and Eugene were both crushed and heartbroken but he swore to her he'd come home. Right before he boarded the train he gave her a long embrace and kiss then got on. Once he found a seat he leaned out the window for one last goodbye kiss and prayed that it would linger on his lips til he could kiss her once again. Luckily it lingered for both of them the duration of the war. Flashes of letters pictures and tears of longing for what was absent appeared in front of their eyes. Eugene leaned down and kissed his wife as he gently wiped away her tears. "Ah Barbie, young love, takes you back dont it?" She nodded and smiled at him, "Yeah they remind me of us when you came home." He laughed a little and nodded. When the war ended Eugene was so excited to be able to hold his Barb once more. He promised to himself on that trip back he'd never make the fool mistake of letting her go again. When he arrived he hung his head out of the window and scanned the area for her the crisp air biting his face. She was no where to be seen though he grew devastated at the thought of her absence. That is until he slowly got off the train with his bag in hand filled with all the things she sent him. A scream pierced the cool air and he immediately recognized it when he looked up he saw her. Running full speed over to him Barb had tears pouring down her face as her curly dark hair flowed behind her. Eugene dropped his bag and held his arms open and caught her squeezing her close against him. That was the only time besides his wedding that he shed even a few tears. He held her closer and said to himself as they continued the walk to their gate, "I haven't let go of her yet and I never plan to."
it was my pleasure i love to make anyone who reads my work feel something the picture was part of the inspiration for this one as well as the relationship of kitty and red foreman from that 70s show
I've always been intrigued with the photo. thankyou for the story. it was very heart warming.
thank you very much