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First of all here are more sounds. : eh : yeh : ae : wuh / : yes (formal/polite way to say yes (someone older) . Are you ready yet? 네. neh / : No (informal used with same age or friends) Euh ng / uh (eoh) 알았어 : - got it/ok/I understand arassuh 괜찮아 : it's okay (if you add : fine) 그럼 : alright/fine geuh-ruhm 아니요 : no (did you eat? Did you do that? 아니요) Ah nee yoh 싫어 : dislike/I don't like/no (go do your hw! 싫어) See rh uh (shee ruh) 안돼 : not allowed/not possible/not working (I'm going to go now. 안돼) Ahn doh ae
So I decided to do something idiotic like usual and was like hmm will my phone break if I drop it from this height? XD it did but in good news I got the 6s so XD And gurl I missed 2 days ........ I have no excuse just too lazy to open my Mac and just sat there on my iPad too lazy to write cause I was re watching Naruto and SNK boyyyyyyyy
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I love this! It's very helpful