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I'm just writing this Vingle post because idk... I just feel like he's bullied a lot. Especially with emcees. Especially Doni and Coni from Weekly Idol. I know that that's how they show their "love" for him but seriously? He's just as much human as we are. I can clearly see how annoyed he is on GOT7'S 2015 Weekly Idol show.
But yeah.....
Doesn't he look like JRE?! Omo lol
I noticed every time he's one the show he not as energetic. It's sad and other people who i noticed commented the same on the videos.
I get thats their job but sometimes it gets me mad when they make fun of one person more then another and they just made the same mistake. Example would be Sunggyu from Infinite I feel like they treat him bad but that could just be me. 馃槓
I get what you mean but I almost kinda feel like they pick on him because they know he can handle it plus he's the type to pick right back on them, but on their weekly idol this year he did seem pretty annoyed/down and I missed all his shenanigans like we usually see.
Like I think people in charge of him told him to calm down or something but I love Jackson's energectic self! It's very much a breathe of fresh air compared to the calm nature of other idols ya know
Yes, I seen that episode today with my sister and I noticed that... My sister told me that's not the only time they do that to Jackson but you could tell he was annoyed through out this whole show. Poor Jackson and others that feel like this with them :/
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