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This is a small list of anime I couldn't decide at all on where on my top five list to use it and other such stuff... so you know, they are really awesome anime. There were a few others but I couldn't remember them.
Fate This is a multi series of mages who participate in the holy war by summoning powerful servants from different historical stories wheter fiction or nonfiction. Zero, Stay/Night, and Unlimited Bladeworks are the three main shows you should watch.
Akame Ga Kill Akame Ga Kill is a series about a young emperor who's being used by his right hand man. Following the story of Night Raid, assassins in the rebellion, Tatsumi works to save his village from overbearing taxes by overthrowing the government. I love the opposite style of a "team vs. team" they do. It's one of the only anime I've written a fanfic of.
Spice and Wolf (rough translation) I love this anime. Holo the god of harvest is found unnecessary in the world so she leaves where she is living to go back to her homeland, joined by merchant Kraft Lawrence, as they avoid the church and make a profit. The quality of the writting is just good enough to make me cry.
Snafu My Teen Romantic Comedy (I think) is just the best slice of life anime you will ever watch that is about an antisocial guy who is forced by his councillor to join a service club with one other member. And one of my two favorite kuudere. I will cry if they don't finish it, I believe they will. And I hope Hiki does what I hope he will.
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