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Okay @Shinee08 you tagged me so here are the songs that got me into some of my favorite bands!!

Mannequin- Primary ft. Beenzino and Suran

First off I would like to list the song that got me into Kpop in the first place. Now when I first listned to this song I didn't know what it was but techanically it was my first Kpop song.

Adore You- Seventeen

Omg when I first listened to this song I fangirled so much over it. Lol I remembered feeling overwhelmed bc of all the members.

Volume Up- 4Minute

The first thing that caught my due was definitely that saxophone in Tue beginning. It was so good!! Just listen for urself ^^

Replay- Shinee

Lol talk about Throwback Thursday...except its Saturday lol.. Anyway this song is a classic but its the one that made me acknowledge Shinee :)
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Ooooooo!!! I'll have to think 😞
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Ahhh I just seen this. Doing it now :D
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