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Saint seiya the lost canvas

Albafica - mysterious person. He is quiet, calm. Lonely, but not because he wants so, but because he has to. He has a very generous heart. He isolates himself, creating the image of a cold, loving solitude, man. Albafica avoid approaches that touches even talk at all costs, to protect others from contact with his blood, which almost became a poison due to prolonged contact with poisonous roses.

pisces golden myth cloth.

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seems like something I'd watch. what's it called wait is it saint seiya
2 years ago·Reply
@SantaraJones yes, there are 4 series, the original saint seiya, saint seiya the lost canvas, saint seiya soul of gold seint seiya omega. this one in particular is the lost canvas.
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reminds me of Kurama with the whole rose thing
2 years ago·Reply
lol it kind of dose from yu yu hakusho..
2 years ago·Reply
yes breed with a rose
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