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Yes I know GD he's the king of hair BEAUTIFUL right!!!!! So my goal is to dye my hair all the colors GD has... I might not change my dye color as quickly but I promise you I will get there if it's the last thing I do!! So far I have dyed it all the blue colors on here... I was thinking maybe the pinks or his orange from the made series next.. What do you guys think?? What color should I do next?? (yes I know the picture is missing some of his new hair but I'll get there too) Credit to the owners of this photo ~~
also the 5th pic is how my hair looks only mine is brown with dirty blond fade from where I had it teal last year.
thats cool i would do the same but i can only do high lights and ive match him before cause ive seen that he did black with blue high lights and i did blue high lights too i didnt have black but i will now cause i have black in my hair and right now its purple highlights so where the purple is. is where the blue going to be lol but good idea and idk which color you should do and you make a card of the hair and show everyone (and sorry this comment is long)
@SarahHawkins that's cool😁😁 ok pink it is! I was leaning towards the pink more 😆
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