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Yes I know GD he's the king of hair BEAUTIFUL right!!!!! So my goal is to dye my hair all the colors GD has... I might not change my dye color as quickly but I promise you I will get there if it's the last thing I do!! So far I have dyed it all the blue colors on here... I was thinking maybe the pinks or his orange from the made series next.. What do you guys think?? What color should I do next?? (yes I know the picture is missing some of his new hair but I'll get there too) Credit to the owners of this photo ~~
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also the 5th pic is how my hair looks only mine is brown with dirty blond fade from where I had it teal last year.
@amandamuska it's fine I got no problem reading long comments lol XD hmmm I'll think about the card and let you know on that XD
@SarahHawkins that's cool😁😁 ok pink it is! I was leaning towards the pink more 😆