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To start this off I'll thank my good buddy @RosePark for the tag!!! Thank you and now I'll get started ^^ Rules: > Be as creative as possible! by using videos, gif, images, etc. > Write {TT} on the title so I know its for this challenge! > Please tag (@RosePark) so he won't miss your cards! > Tag 3 people from the community to do the challenge! > You have until next Wednesday to do this! > Have fun!
Mother: Misaki Ayuzawa She's like any average female and has her moments!
She is smart, hard working, and has a sensitive side :) She makes the perfect mother ^^
Father: Usui Takumi He's super smart, protective, and understanding. He's such a smart butt that it's hilarious and cute ^^
He's the only one who can comprehend and resonate perfectly with Misaki so he must be the father :D
Both characters appear in Kaichou Wa Maid Sama!!! Well I'm done with mine!!! :» Tag you're it: @IzzyPanda, @katloveyou, and @steven120811
@RosePark @Danse Hahah exactly cx that's why they are awesome because you would never know what is going to happen ^^
Yeah that would be one relationship and household to look out for. xD
Omoshiroi ^^ I just wouldnt be able to withstand their crazy relationship xD