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I was tagged by one of #CampSquadPTM's own @thePinkPrincess soo of coures i accepted this challenge starting with the song that some how brought me to kpop(even though i kinda knew about some kpop through loving Jay park when i saw him on ryan higas old videos)....what song you may ask ohh probably the greatest song ever!
IT G MA!!!!
This song(i was kinda interested in kpop and obsessed with psy but for some reason never listened to anyone else) While searching on youtube bored, i found it and it changed my life!!! I LOVE the COHORTS! they are probably my fave group of rappers and no matter how many times i listen to it , it gets me soo hyped up!
The second song that brought me to my BIGBANG loves (a random picture of taeyang shirtless brought me to this song) is none other then......
This song was the death of me and YoungBae was my first bigbang love after listening to all his songs i finally saw that he was part of a group and it was that moment when i saw GD in badboy that i died inside
Next song was the one that made me realize that i was a complete idiot and had seen Jiyong years before and didnt know who he was(but thought he was extremely attractive)....when i watched this video again after getting into bigbang i wanted to die because of how stupid i was not to get into the group sooner when i first saw this and being the fan of missy that i am thats how i first saw this video!!
basically i was too dumb to realize GD's greatness years ago when i first saw him and i should have listened to kpop when i first saw jay park but its okay my life is super ruined now and i wouldnt change a thing
omg! that is my song... I have that on my playlist!! Keith Ape!
Nice card!! <3
@AimeeH I love Keith! and okasian lol and pretty much all of them
@Marilovexoxo Yeasss! That's so awesome!