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My new jam!

Thanks to @B1A4BTS5ever I've become a fan of LUNAFLY and I started listening to their albums... Their song "A Ti" is my ultimate favorite!!! Been playing it ever since I got home from being caged in a retreat for 7 hours.... I even showed my mom their covers and she fell in love with them ^_^
This is the first time ive seen asians sing in (sry if im wrong) spanish
Hahaha @B1A4BTS5ever I'm supposed to be sleeping but I'm here binging on LUNAFLY....once again XD
Really?! @NkaujNub there's so many actually that sing covers from Hispanic singers!
ohhhhhh so kul hahah i like it i like it i like it alot i live it
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What I'm Thankful For...
I was tagged by @VKookie47 @herreravanessa9 @KaiTakashima @staceyholley @KatieRussell to say what groups I'm thankful for. The following groups are the ones that impacted me the most (I'm doing in order from last to first.) Lunafly So, it hasn't been long since I got into Lunafly (probably like 2 months?) You may be asking, why are you thankful of these men? The reason is because their voices put me in ease. Ever since last year, my temper was gone bad. Any little thing ticks me off and I tend to release it by violence or insults towards my youngest brother. I admit that I am going over the line but it's something I can't control and to this point it's still getting worse. But once I found out about these boys, their voices were soothing that it relaxes me to the point that I go to sleep and forget about the anger. With these men, I feel like I go back to myself and feel relief. BTS You guys have no idea how much I want to thank these boys for their music. Months ago, I was on a BTS spree and decided to watch their M/V's with English subtitles and that's when I began to appreciate their music more. I find their words relatable and anyone can look at the words and say, "this is me." It feels like BTS truly understands us especially with the School Trilogy. Their songs make me feel close to them and appreciate every single thing they do for us to see the world clearly with our own eyes. I feel like BTS are the ones who are teaching me about what to expect in life in the mere future than my parents and teachers. EXO This is what's weird. By the time I began to get into EXO in 2013, I lost of one of my greatest friends. She meant the world to me and even though I acted like nothing happened, I was hurt. I was deeply wounded and scarred. I'm still doing okay. We began talking this year again as school started and it feels like I'm being fake in this "friendship". Same thing happened to EXO. They lost 3 of the most beautiful people in their group. They act as if they're okay, but we all know that they are not. They're successful even with 9 group members, but the gap is still there. We relate in such an emotional way. When I saw the fancam of them singing, Promise, I seriously have never cried so hard in my life. That song made me realize so many things and I felt like running to my friend and take my back everything I've told her in respect of our situation. I admit that I eventually wanted to leave the fandom because people seriously don't know how to behave, but at the end, I'm never forget the group that not only has left me plenty of memories but helped me find online friends which some weren't really worth it, but then some that stood by me through all my bad. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING YOU, EXO!! RAISE YOUR CHIN UP AND SHOW THE WORLD WHAT EXO IS REALLY ABOUT!!! Super Junior 3 years ago, I was living such a normal life. I would go out and meet up my friends at the streets just play around. But one morning, I was doing my routine, getting ready to school while watching Top 20. Who knew that just that morning my life would change. Although, at the age of 10 I watched K-Dramas, I loved the OST's but I would only listen to them rather than going in depth of the genre. Well, as I watching the show, this group of men appeared and I was hooked as soon as I laid my eyes on them. The song was extremely catchy but I didn't really catch up to the name of the group and song until a week after. I searched them and BOOM! KPopGaby was BORN! Super Junior were everything to me! And when I found out that fans were shipping them with girl groups, you guys have no idea how angry I would get! I hated ALL girl groups as I became so attached to them and I disliked watching any girl around my boys. (Eventually, I matured after a year haha) Back to the point of this card, I want to thank and basically bow down to my boys. If it wasn't for them, I can't imagine how boring my life could've been! Most importantly, I wouldn't have met you all. Super Junior has showed me so many things that I cherish and will never forget! Even though I haven't listened to Super Junior as much as I used to, I will never forget the ones that changed my life for the better. SUPER JUNIOR SARANGHANDA! FIGHTING!! Everyone, lets appreciate the existence of K-Pop. To most of us, K-Pop was our source of escape, our savior. Lets show people why K-Pop should be part of everyone's life! (credit for all photos to owners)
OMG. OMG. OMG!!!! LUNAFLY. I'M LITERALLY OBSESSED WITH THEM. I've literally listening to their album and song covers for the past 3 days. I discovered them a little over a week ago and I'm SO mad I didn't know about them before. (T_T) LUNAFLY is an acoustic all male trio under Nega Network. The members are all good singers and mostly composed or took part on composing their songs. They first debuted with their self-composed track “Super Hero” on early September 2012. (Source: So let's introduce the members, shall we? :) Sam Carter Birthdate: October 14, 1987 Height: 179cm Position: Leader, Singer, Guitarist Additional Skills: Composing -He is half Korean-half British -Former soccer player -He auditioned in MBC’s Star Audition 2: Birth of a Great Star Teo Real Name: Shin Taeho Birthdate: December 7, 1993 Height: 185cm Position: Singer, Drummer, Pianist Skills: Piano, Bass, Percussion and Composing He's unfortunately on a personal hiatus right now. (∩︵∩) Yun Real Name: Han Seung Yun Birthdate: January 14, 1994 Height: 179cm Position: Singer, Guitarist, Maknae Skills: Composing He's said to be Lay's doppleganger. But...I don't personally see it. lol. xD So.... curious to see what they sound like? The first video is the Korean version and the second one is yes, an ENGLISH VERSION. Same for these two videos too. The first one is the Korean Version and the second is the English version. AND THE THIRD ONE IS IN SPANISH. WHAT. THE. HECK. Yes. They sing Spanish songs too. They also cover A LOT of other songs from American artists too. This one is my favorite but I love ALL OF THEIR COVERS. Their English is PERFECTION. ( ´•̥̥̥ω•̥̥̥` ) They added two new members last year: Jin (Drummer) Yub (Guitar) I hope they comeback soon. They have SOOOOOOO much talent that is DEFINITELY UNDERRATED. I feel like I'm drowning in so many feels because of Lunafly.