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VIXX confirmed for a comeback on November 10th with a full album. The boys are currently recording their comeback album - and yes, it's going to be a full album - that will be released on November 10th. We've seen all kinds of concepts from the 'concept-dols', and there are currently rumors that they'll be coming back with a magician concept. We've seen VIXX in parts everywhere - N was until recent an MC on 'Music Core' and is currently in 'Sassy Go Go', Hongbin was also recently an MC on 'The Show' and is currently filming a drama, Hyuk was filming a movie, and VIXX LR also happened. However, it's been a while since we saw the boys as a full 6-member group.
aksjslsjal Who is excited for VIXX new full album next month. I'm so excited!!!!! Now I have something else to look foward to Are you ready for their comeback?
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@baileykayleen I found out at night and there was too much feels to deal with. Me too!!!!! are you watching the drama that N is in???
@StephanieDuong 911: Hello what's your emergency. you: *screaming and fangirling your ass off* 911: mam are you alright!!!! Is anyone trying to attack you. where are you. you: OMG!!!! I can't contains my feels. VIXX new album just came out *freaks out even more* 911: mam........? you: It's VIXX my babies!!!!!!! *faints from all the excitement* 911: ........ pretty much it XD
Can't wait!
@DulceZelaya OMG!!! Exactly!!!! xD
@DulceZelaya not yet, my sister says its just my style though! So I'll wait for it to get a bit farther :) but it looks really good!