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My yummy traditional Puerto Rican arroz con pollo(yellow rice with chicken) with my refried black beans Central American style and my veggie beets... I must admit as a kid I hated beets... I was like Im not eating that nasty red stuff. But as an adult I warmed up to them with a tiny sprinkle of salt. I also like them in patatoe salad. Let me know what was ur least favorite veggie or food as a child that you may like now?
Yummy plate you've got there! I always thought I hated beets, but had never tried it. I actually tried it for the first time not so long ago. It was OKAY, it wasn't terrible. It doesn't really have a strong taste. I would say my least favorite vegetable is anything raw lol. I like my vegetables cooked!!!
@allischaaff as a kid thats all I ate was eggs and still do. celery I didnt like either only on soup but now I can eat them raw with favorite poppyseed dressing...
@alywoah I just started eating raw Vegetables. I buy the assorted platter(baby broccoli, baby coliflower, baby carrots,celery bites) then I dip them in my new favorite poppyseed dressing...
Wow, looks SO good @jazziejazz!! I want a big plate of that :) I love beets too. It's not a vegetable but... as a kid, I really hated the yellow part of eggs. I don't know why!! Now, I love it. Sunny side up on toast, hard boiled egg yolk... it's all good :) I've always liked most vegetables. I'm having trouble thinking of any I warmed up to... I still don't like radishes or celery -____- Celery is and will forever be my least favorite food!!