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Hey everyone! A few of us have been watching Comet Lucifer so I thought it'd be fun if we have a card where we can discuss the new episode when it releases. If you're not familiar with this anime, check out my preview of it here ^^
I'll be watching it with Crunchyroll if my simulcast will work (I'm traveling so I might be region blocked lol). It starts airing at 10am EST today, which is in about an hour on Sunday the 18th!!

Feel free to watch it later and then come discuss once you get a chance to watch!

What are everyone's thoughts on the show today?

Let's discuss in the comments ^^
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Sogo and moura act like they've know each other forever.
@CarlosG yeah, I also wonder of felia will ever speak herself (like is she magically going to know a bunch of words? that would be odd). but her full power....it must be insane if she keeps nature in balance.
@Shippudenguy21 lol they do!! they're the old married couple of this show xD
@hikaymm Aye so far we seen her levitate only. Now then we need more Moura being saussy scenes, it hilarious
@CarlosG As long as he keeps saving their butts, he can be as sassy as he wants!