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Hello Vinglers!
Another Day, Another Song! Let's Go~

Kibou no Uta by Ultra Tower (Shokugeki no Soma)

I don't always watch cooking anime, but when I do, I'm already in the kitchen cooking, the munchies! Ultra Tower is newbie band that has just entered the anime scene but man...they entered it with style. The gentle vocals + classic Japanese rock makes this one of (if not my all time favorite) the best anime and opening I've seen and heard. It's the style that gets me, nowadays, most songs are hardcore J-rock with auto-tune mixed (which I love as well), but THIS is something unique for today's anime music, which I can't get enough of.
If you would like to know more about the anime:
Original MV so you can enjoy the full song and the magnificent band Ultra Tower is!~
Close Your Eyes and Listen!~

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@ButterflyBlu You will never catch ME!! xD @MaighdlinS So happy you liked it! ^^ and it's not creepy! If you liked him, you can go fangirl mode all you want xD In my case, I love his voice~
omg! Kibou no Uta is a lovely song! I listen to it almost everday. Touches the heart for sure!
@RosePark this again?! Lol :D
@RosePark his voice is also really awesome. ^^
@RosePark This was the perfect song for me to wake up to! Also I would have probably been happy if the music video just stayed on the main singers face... is that creepy???... cuz I really liked his eyes.
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