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Just kidding. I would never be that insensitive. But I would tell a friend if it suddenly became clear they have 'problem hair' growing (where it had not previously grown) if I reasonably suspect it has simply grown stronger than their eyesight. I'd hope for the same honesty in return.
This one reminded me of you, @InPlainSight.
@MissB82 Oh I understand, trust me. I worked at my aunt's salon for a while years ago when she needed a part time receptionist. (Mrs. Hollier was away on maturity leave, so there I was being an awesome nephew.) Anywho, I learned all about the whole beauty thing while there. [It cannot been unseen.. -_-] I saw a crap ton of vanity, but for the most part it was just people doing their best to 'feel' relaxed and refreshed. To be pampered and just forget about the stress for the hour or more they came for services. :))
@Danse Lol. Agreed hair is natural & handlebars would make for some rough lady facial terrain. In my former life I was a beauty therapist & generally when ladies came in with new (to them) thicker/darker growth, it was linked to hormonal changes/disruptions. What I noticed was their coming in was less about general vanity & more about them just not wanting to have whatever was going on inside them advertised on their face. I know it's a minor thing but it can represent so much underlying stuff. They were so damn happy (like I mean their spirits were lifted) when they left. :-)
I personally don't think there is anything wrong with a girl having a bit of growth going on. I mean humans are mammals after all. Hair is a natural occurrence. So long as they aren't planning on growing out some handlebars in the future what's the big deal? But I understand social pressures and personal feelings about how you want to look and so on so forth. :))