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Everyone has done this and I want to feel special too, so I'm going to do this. Yay, are you excited?! You should be.
Full Name: Mya Zenger (growing up I was always on the back of the line...last one to get food...sad days...)
Favorite Kpop Groups: • BToB • BigBang • BTS • Got7 • 2PM • Block B The list goes on... I Live: In Utah. The worst place ever. I want to be: A hairstylist. I've always been into doing hair. I like doing people's hair, but I hate doing my own. My hair is down to my butt (I bet you were just dying to know!) and I can barely manage it, but whatever. I'll let it grow anyway...
Favorite Food(s): I LOVE pasta. Did you know that there are over 100 types of pasta?! The pastabilities are endless!! Hobbies: • Singing • Fangirling • Dancing • Fangirling • Doing hair • Fangirling • Writing stories (short stories or novels) • FANGIRLING • Photography • FFAANNGGIIRRLLIINNGG!!
Likes: • Cats • Tim Curry. I LOVE anything Tim Curry is in. Rocky Horror is one of my favorite movies. • Kpop (and Twenty One Pilots) Dislike: • Fans (not you, but the ones you use to cool down and stuff. The spinning things) • Rude people. And rude animals. Rude. • Not being able to give a hug to ANYONE I want to WHENEVER I want to. Ugh. Frustrates me.
STUFF ABOUT ME: • I have a bad habit of whenever I see a sharpie, I must draw Kpop logos on me, or GDragons tattoos. • I have depression and anxiety, I'm super awkward, which leads up to not talking to ANYONE, except one person. I only talk to my cousin. That's it. So she told me about Vingle and I was like 'Yay, maybe someone will be my friend!' • How I Got into Kpop: My cousin was OBSESSED with BigBang, so I was like 'I want to be obsessed with someone too...' So (not kidding, a actually did this, why? I have absolutely NO idea) I went on YouTube and searched 'Hot Kpop Funny Moments' I clicked on a compilation. I don't really remember who all was in it, but once Ilhoon (from BToB) came onto the screen I was all 'YAAAASSSS' and googled him. It was love at first sight. And then I only listened to BToB and BigBang for the longest time and out of nowhere I clicked on a Got7 M/V, fell in love, and decided I wanted to fall in love with other people as well I guess. And now I'm here. • I'm really not good at saying things about myself, but I'll GLADLY answer any other questions if you have any for me. Well, it's 1:30 A.M and I should be asleep. So goodnight. Or good morning, good afternoon. Because time zones.
my name is Crea Armstead, my favorite group is BTS GOT 7 EXO 2ne1(I can't list them all) I want to be a video game designer or a voice actor, my favourite food is sweets, I like reading kpop and anime I hate being alone, thunderstorms and the dark and the one thing about me that I took a selfie with a voice actor once
...also I live in Texas and my hobbies are listening to music, reading , and video games
ugh dude I feel you on the being in the back of the line growing up!! My last names also with a "Z". & lol at the fan(dislike) part. I was about to be like well sorry!! This place is filled with those :D