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Did you know that the majority of psychopaths never commit a violent crime? It's true. When you hear the word "psychopath" you automatically think of a Ted Bundy or some serial killer. But a psychopath is more commonly non-violent and chooses to hurt his victims emotionally and psychologically. They are just like the physically violent psychopath in every way, psychologically speaking. They are void of conscience and empathy and get their thrills from hurting other people. Watch this clip from the movie "In The Company of Men" and get a look at what these people are like. One of the guys is not really a psychopath but he goes along with the plan just out of curiosity but later feels compassion for the girl. But the other guy is a real piece of sh*t who deserves to be locked away so that he can never do this to another woman. The target of his sadistic plan is a blind woman. I wish i could watch the whole movie but it isn't on Youtube and I've never seen it before. But I recommend you watch the movie if you can find it somewhere. Have you ever known someone like this?
o im sorry to hear that. but yeah, at least they arent blood related. thanks for the comment.
As much as it sickens me to admit, I have family that behave similarly. Thankfully they're not related by blood.