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Soooo seriously can you guess this crazy ass costume idea?!

No, it ain't Selena Quintanilla and I wish it was because she's da-bomb-dot-com. But it's like this super famous criminal.


Okay, I'll tell you. It's Joaquin Guzman and you might know him as "El Chapo." He's the sneaky drug lord from Mexico who has been on the run (or maybe just living the life, while everyone turns a blind eye).

Am I the only one who thinks this is fuckin' creepy? This is how the mask looks like:

Okay, this is weird...

Imagine this face running up to your door for candy. Actually, I don't want to imagine it.
The person behind the making of the masks is Diego Esponda. According to The Washington Post, he sold about 1,000 masks in under a week!
Well, hey, I think we all gotta agree -- this is one scary Halloween mask.
His eyes are so wide open... Creepy lol
I wouldn't mind it if someone wore it during Halloween...but if someone wore that at night on some random day, I would be freakin terrified!
THIS IS SO CREEPY. I would be really afraid of that mask myself.
Whoa this is so weird... aren't people superstitious at all???
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