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I am an artist who is not very find of one's own work.
I'm starting realistic drawing too. I don't think any of my drawings are good. (I have waaaay more drawings than this)
The question is: Am I a good artist or do I need to stop trying?
Seconding what @Ash2424701 @itiswhatitis365 and @RaquelArredondo said. I feel like we're all critical of our work, but ultimately that just means we have a good eye and the muscles in our hands haven't caught up to our knowledge yet. It means that you're about to hit a good streak, so keep at it ^_^
Your drawings are good and you're off in a good start :) drawing is another passion and if you love it, then your drawings come to life (well that's what I learned) ^^@YoGirlXsCalibur
it looks good to me. whats in your heart is real, thus making your expression unique to you, so it can't be bad. opinions will very but you will always have haters, no matter what, so keep doing you, it will work out, just don't stop doing it. ;)
no problem :3 Just do what you love and they are good trust me.
Yea. I feel the same way. Thank you.
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