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When Smallville was on the aire for 10 seasons, I never saw it. Not one episode, only because I was working every Friday night. BUT!!!! A few years ago I bought seasons 1-8 and began watching it. In one word "AMAZING". I loved it. I had stopped watching it because I didn't buy the last two seasons.
I believe they did a great job telling Clark Kent's life as a teenager and young adult. It explained how he was learning to deal with his powers, some he didn't knew he had and he needed to train himself, with the help of Jonathan Kent. It tells how he met Lex Luthor, at that time they were good friends. But as the season went, you see them drifting apart. Many guest stars made there appearance, which gave me chills. I have two episodes that gave me chills and tears. First, when Clark Kent needed help destroying one of Lex's building. So he needed help from his friends. The Flash, Green Arrow, Cyborg, Aquaman and Chloe in Watchtower. Just thinking about it now makes me want to watch it again. Season 6 ep 11
Another is when he met Dr. Virgil Swann. Played by the greatest Superman ever, Christopher Reeves. In season 2 ep 17. Clark needed help learning about his home planet and who he is. He visited Dr. Swann and there all his questions were answered. The scene was absolutely amazing. It's almost has if Christopher Reeves was passing the torch to Tom Welling.
This year I bought the last two seasons. I've already watched season 9, which I wasn't to fond of. I didn't like the man who played Zod. He didn't look like Zod to me. Anyway, I'm on the last season and it's getting good again. I love the show. I kind of wish it can continue. No spoilers please. 馃槈
@karencorchado that would be bad ass!
yea 9 was like wtf but yea i would watch a movie with them as the cast
Smallville was the go to show after a week long of school or stress after graduation
@shannonl5 they should just try to keep Tom welling in as superman. Let him take the throne :)
@shannonl5 @LeafNinja85 @sketchy101 @Escobed00 I finally got to finish watching the complete series of Smallville and holy crap!!! That was an AMAZING ending. I was very pleased to see him as Superman. Beautiful 馃槏
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