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I love this picture cause it's so true We all have a war in our lives that we are fighting constantly every single day There's no one out there that's not.. Cause if there is that means that person is perfect hahah x) But any ways this is the reason we must always be kind to people because you don't know there war you don't know what they've been through or what there going through. We must always approach people with kindness ❤️ and respect No matter who the person is Cause don't forget you are in a war to just as that person is, it could be a different one or maybe is not.. We need to help each other more and more every day and let the kindness,love and forgiveness spread more and let the hate,anger,judging,gossiping fade away! If you are going through something don't feel alone God is there with you With open arms Every single time. ❤️
thank you very much @MoisEsGaray
@PaulChavarria TOKOY Ghoul my friend ^_^ it's freaken awesome :) it has 2 seasons already there 13 episodes each :) they are working on the 3rd season for next year >:)
what anime is this
@PaulChavarria you are welcome my friend ^_^