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Ohayo!!! I'm back my lovely otakus (*´∇`*) since I know everyone loves fairy tail let's go through the struggle of choosing our favorite character or otp. I thought it would be fun :D
let get this started! of cource I will start it off
my babe is laxus I just find him to sexy and determined. whenever the guild was in a lunch he game to help without a second thought. I really do admire this trait about him. he's like a superhero in a group of superheros if that makes sense xD. I think he should get more screen time I need to see babe in action !!!
this is my otp ! I love gajeel so much and I love levy they are perfect for each other! she's so tiny and delicate. gajeel is litterally made of steel and how he protect levy and acts so stubborn with her is just adorable. they bring different side of each other out and I find it breath taking and captivating.
I can't take this excitement let's see whom is your favorite I'm reading all the comments this is a very exiting for me :D
let's go fairy tail!
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@calkitty yes they bare also cute but the marijane and laxus ship is like hot damn
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My favorite character has to be Gray! I love ice and have always wanted to control it along with water. It's hard choosing an OTP for this anime because there are so many good ships. I would have to say Gruvia but I also ship Nalu and Jerza along with many more.
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my favourite character is probably Natsu because no matter what the odds are he wont give up to protect his friends even if it means giving his own life
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@gummibawrx Thank You! i think you're right i do need more screen time! :) see @Thatperson512 this is how I deserve to be treated!! haha
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