I'm doing this challenge created by @RosePark If you were rised in an anime family who is going to be your parents? You are suppose to mention 3 people from the community so I'm going to mention: @mrl5436 @Ash2424701 @Syowa

For the dad I'm still not sure but I think Hikari Sakishima, from Nagi No Asukara is an honest person and funny but there is another canadite.....who do you think it is?

Naruto!! 🎊🎊 I choose him because he is very strong person also very stupid somehow.

For the Mom Yona, from Akatsuki No Yona I choose her because she is very cool, brave, and somehow she mangaed to get all the dragons in the legend by her side!!

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It would be interesring to see these two together xD
2 years agoΒ·Reply
@RosePark Yona and Naruto or Yona with Hikari?
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