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Who's the most evil anime character.

(PROFANITY,SPOILERS.) Those who been asking about the most evil anime character from all time... You may disagree because their intentions and actions but these or the top 3 evil anime characters. Comment who's the most evil character you know in Anime history.
1. Griffith from Berserk. This guy raped Gutt's girlfriend from behind while Gutt was being hold down and force to watch by the demons . Gutt got so angry he cut of his own arm just to get too Griffith but he failed. Griffith did more stuffed that is critically fucked up. If you watch the movie or the series. This man is like a disguisng, manipulative, two faced person.
2. Dio Brando from Jojo Adventure Bizzare. Dio is also manipulative but only to Jojo. This prick killed Jojo father, Burn Jojo Dog, Stole Jojo girlfriend first kiss and made an Vampire army. C'mon now, you guys can't tell me that's not evil enough.
3. Light Yagami from Death Note. You may disagree with me but honestly this guy is evil. He had good intention towards the book but the book gave him so much power he want to rule everything. He also killed L the one and only friend that he honestly have. This kid was nothing but being controlled by a book that can lead anything into his own hands. Think about the movie Final Destination.
Anyways, that's all I have. Please stay tune towards Saturday or Sunday for more Anime Questions. I'll catch you guys later, you can mesagae on Kik: MikotoTrk and I'm available 24/7 Peace.
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That's easy...Light
I don't know if it's because I'd have done the same thing or if I just don't think he is but I don't agree with Light being evil. His intentions were good; he just ended up getting a little over involved and the power he was wielding as God consumed him in the end.
This is my first time hearing someone say that Light is evil. I appreciate that, because that is my view as well. I totally understand people loving the realism, depth, and willingness to go to dark places of the human psyche that anime like Death Note give (most of my friends love it), but it's not my cup of tea to analyze and be immersed in those topics. I agree, Light was trying to do right, but he lost his humanity along the way, and that idea truly terrifies me.
@DanRodriguez I can honestly agree on that. Without the book, he wouldn't be doing that.
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