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This is a personal list and is in no order except for the number 1 spot ;)
5. Mirajane Strauss This S-class Mage and model for the Weekly Sorcerer is an obvious choice for this list. She's cute, hot, sweet and devilish ;)
4. Cana Alberona Cana is the daughter of Gildarts and a potential S-class Mage herself. She has a nice tanned skin and isn't afraid to show it off. I wish she would do more in the show.
3. Lucy Heartfillia This blonde busty babe is basically the main character of the show and while her sex appeal tends to fail in the show it would definitely work on me ;)
2. Kagura Mikazuchi This black- purple haired swords woman doesn't get the screen time she deserves. One of my favorite characters in the entire series. She is very reserved and shares my hatred for Jellal. She also a super cute ribbon that points up like bunny ears.
1. Erza Scarlet My favorite character in the whole series. She's so sexy and cute I love all of her different armors. The Queen of the Fairies is in my opinion by far the hottest character in the show. I wish she'd use her seduction armor on me. ;)
erza scarlet always wins!!! :D
she has that plot armor curse/blessing lol
Mira is bae
@KiaraNO Lol. I love Juvia too!
@Thatperson512 You're right it was auto correct 😂😂
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